Affluent Investors

Tailored Financial Solutions for High Net Worth Individuals

Our boutique service for wealthy individuals is designed to meet the unique financial needs of affluent investors. Our team understands the complexities of managing substantial wealth and is dedicated to delivering personalised strategies that align with your long-term goals. We assess your current risk exposure and provide solutions to protect your wealth against market volatility, economic downturns, and unforeseen events.

Our goal is to optimise your portfolio’s performance while managing risk effectively. Our holistic approach encompasses wealth preservation, tax optimisation, estate planning, and philanthropic strategies that reflect your values and ensures a smooth transfer of wealth to your family or charitable causes.

Secure Your Financial Future with Us

Let us guide you through the complexities of managing risks to your wealth.

Partner with our Elite Wealth Management Network

Let Amber Wealth Management be the cornerstone of your legacy, building financial security that blossoms for generations. We offer our affluent clients tailored and interactive portfolio management, ongoing financial advice including educating beneficiaries on responsible wealth management, bespoke investment solutions, quarterly investment briefings, and fully transparent online access to your investment holdings.

Experience Tailored Wealth Management

Leverage our extensive network, expertise, and market insights, to maximise your wealth.

About Amber Wealth Management

At Amber Wealth Management, we offer first home buyer support, mortgage solutions and financial planning to empower our clients with confidence in their financial future. We are dedicated to helping you in the process of buying a home and making a positive impact by developing strategies that align with your unique goals and aspirations. Our core values of trust, integrity, and discipline guide us in fostering genuine relationships with clients, ensuring we understand their individual needs and priorities.

With diverse clientele, we cater to various financial requirements, no matter where you are in life’s journey. Our team of experienced professionals, led by Anthony Mitry, offers a comprehensive range of services, including home loans, buying a home, superannuation, financial planning, wealth protection, investments, and retirement planning. We are committed to delivering personalised service and ongoing support, enabling you to make informed decisions and achieve financial success.

Our Core Values

At Amber Wealth Management, we specialise in delivering personalised mortgage solutions and financial planning services that help our clients achieve their unique financial goals. With a commitment to building strong relationships and providing ongoing support, we empower our clients with confidence in their financial future.


We prioritise transparency, honesty, and open communication to build strong relationships with our clients based on trust.


Upholding ethical standards in all aspects of our business and financial practices, we act with honesty, fairness, and professionalism.


Provide consistent, disciplined financial advice and solutions, demonstrating our commitment to ongoing education and industry best practices.